Rollout Awnings Reskin

Is your Rollout Awning Fabric looking warn, starting to crack, or delaminate.

If you have an old, worn-out or torn cloth on your roll-out awning, Wormald Canvas can replace it with one of our very own “Custom Made” Awning Cloths. At Wormald Canvas, we use “Arcadia” printed Awning Fabric which is treated to resist UV & fungus growth, and has fire retardant properties.

These replacement cloths can be made to any size, are available in four different colours, and are more economical than a new original manufacturer’s cloth.

Measurements and fitting requires the van to be delivered to Golden Grove by prior arrangement and takes approx. 4 - 5 hours. Fitting includes, taking off old skin and replacing it with new skin measured to suit your annexe if you have one.


Rollout Awning Skins

Rollout Awning Reskin
Arcadia Printed Awning Fabric
Rollout Awning Reskin & Draught Skirt
Arcadia Printed Awning Fabric



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